November 30, 2016

Release 0.17.0 of stog is available from the Installation page.


For information you can see the source code of the page.

<post title="Stog 0.17.0"
Release 0.17.0 of stog is available from the <page href="/install"/> page.
<ul id="changes">
<li>use <ext-a href="">Uutf</ext-a> 1.0.0
  and <ext-a href="">Xtmpl 0.16.0</ext-a>,</li>
<li><doc href="plugins/markdown">Markdown plugin</doc> now uses
  <ext-a href="">Omd</ext-a>, except if a
  <ixml>command</ixml> attribute is specified in <rule>markdown</rule> node,</li>
<li>use <ext-a href="">ocaml-uri</ext-a>
instead of <ml>Neturl</ml>,</li>
<li>use <ext-a href="">Ptime</ext-a>
instead of <ml>Netdate</ml>,</li>
<li>change of %-format usable in <doc href="module_base#datetimeformat">datetime
<li><doc href="stog-documents#date"><ixml>date</ixml></doc> attribute for
documents is now used to specify only dates;
to specify datetime, <doc href="stog-documents#datetime"><ixml>datetime</ixml></doc>
attribute for documents must now be used,</li>
<li>fix: adapt to new behaviour of <ml>input_value</ml> in ocaml 4.03.0,</li>
<li>sectionning rules now generate <ixml>role="heading"</ixml> and <ixml>aria-level="..."</ixml>,</li>
<li><doc href="ocaml-eval"><rule>ocaml-eval</rule></doc> and
<doc href="exec"><rule>exec</rule></doc> use <ixml>&lt;span&gt;</ixml>
instead of <ixml>&lt;div&gt;</ixml> in <ixml>&lt;pre&gt;</ixml> nodes, to
be HTML-correct (default styles are modified in consequence),</li>
<li><doc href="module_base#documents"><rule>docs</rule></doc> now uses a
template; default is <code>doc-list.tmpl</code> but another one can be
specified with <ixml>list-tmpl="..."</ixml> attribute.
In this template, <ixml>&lt;alt-link/&gt;</ixml> is the url of the link
to (tyically) the RSS feed, and <ixml>&lt;items/&gt;</ixml> is the tree of
listed documents,</li>
<li>sitemap plugin: fix date format (by Leo Wzukw),</li>
<li>fix: handling of default <code>page.tmpl</code> (by avysk),</li>
<li>fix: call <ml>tail</ml> in BSD-friendly way (by avysk),</li>
<li>fix: hardcoded temp directory for latex (by avysk).</li>