November 25, 2015

Release 0.16.0 of stog is available from the Installation page.


For information you can see the source code of the page.

<post title="Stog 0.16.0"
Release 0.16.0 of stog is available from the <page href="/install"/> page.
<ul id="changes">
<li>require <ext-a href="">Xtmpl</ext-a> &gt;= 0.13.0,</li>
<li>a document's DOCTYPE is now taken from the XML template corresponding to the document's type,</li>
<li>install <code>odoc_*</code> files in stog ocamlfind directory,</li>
<li>new option <code>-pp</code> for <code>stog-ocaml-session</code>,</li>
<li>new <doc href="rules/exec"><rule>exec</rule></doc>
   rule to execute commands and include output in documents,</li>
<li>new directory attribute for <doc href="rules/ocaml-eval"><rule>ocaml-eval</rule></doc>
  to set the directory in which the stog-ocaml-session tool is launched,</li>
<li>stog preview server: handle file dependencies to trigger recomputation of documents,</li>
<li>now require lwt not only for server,</li>
<li>change templates to use xhtml namespace,</li>
<li>various fixes.</li>