October 3, 2014

Release 0.13.0 of stog is available from the Installation page.


For information you can see the source code of the page.

<post title="Stog 0.13.0"
Release 0.13.0 of stog is available from the <page href="/install"/> page.
<ul id="changes">
<li><doc href="server">preview server</doc> (stog-server), using
  <icode>xmldiff.js</icode> package and websockets,</li>
<li>use Xtmpl 0.10 to unescape entities in attributes of final documents,</li>
<li>new plugin <doc href="plugins/rel-href"/>,</li>
<li>new rules <doc href="module_base#print-date"><rule>print-date</rule></doc>
  and <doc href="module_base#print-datetime"><rule>print-datetime</rule></doc>,</li>
<li>keep <icode>/index.html</icode> in urls when the site url scheme is "<icode>file:</icode>",</li>
<li>handle subtitle in article default template,</li>
<li>improve latex translator,</li>
<li>allow <ixml>use-parent-path="false"</ixml> in <doc href="module_base#cut"/>,
  not to use parent path when forging new elements' path,</li>
<li>improve provided templates and math module,</li>
<li>various fixes,</li>
<li>replace calls to OCaml deprecated functions,</li>
<li>use safe-string (require OCaml &gt;= 4.02).</li>