This is a plugin to generate a Sitemap for a web site compiled with Stog.


$ stog --package stog.sitemap ...

By default, this plugin generates a sitemap.xml file in the target directory. You can edit .stog/config-sitemap to change the destination file and set which types of documents appear in the sitemap, and their associated change frequency and priority.

Here is an example of such a file:

  default_by_type: {
    rss: { "in-sitemap": false},
    page: { "in-sitemap": true, frequency: "daily", priority: "0.5"},
    post: { "in-sitemap": true, frequency: "daily", priority: "0.8"},
    "by-month": { "in-sitemap": false},
    "by-topic": { "in-sitemap": false},
    "by-keyword": { "in-sitemap": false},
    "ocamldoc": { "in-sitemap": false},
    "plugin": { "in-sitemap": true, frequency: "daily", priority: "0.5"}
  out_file: "file where to generate the sitemap",
  out_file: "sitemap.xml"

Moreover, each document can define the following values to change the default behaviour to this document:

<page title="..."